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Write A Letter To Your Friend In Another School Giving Him/Her Three Reasons Why Your School Has Been Excelling In Academic Work. (WASSCE 2015 school candidate)

A candidate is expected to write at least 450 words!
Below is an example of WASSCE informal letter


Labone Secondary school
P.O.Box 68
Labone, Accra
26 July,2019

What’s up Muhaisin,

I am highly pleased to write to you this letter. Having heard from you for a very long time, It’s even a bigger pleasure to write about our school’s academic excellence over the years. What kept me from writing to you is the fact that our school has been undertaking a lot of project works lately. Nonetheless, as they say, “it’s better to be late than never”.

One of the fundamental cause of our excellence in academic work is the fact that we have competent teachers. Our headmaster has made it a priority to make sure that he employs teachers only if they are highly qualified. He has created a teacher vetting team comprising of experienced and competent past and present teachers. Teachers have to pass a set of emotional, psychological-pedagogical and physical tests. They also have to make sure they prove that they actually deserve their certificate. This has proven to be a game changer for our school. We can now boast of the best teachers in the entire metropolis. As far as teachers are concerned I can confidently opine that we have the best.

Another visible reason is that our school has over the years acquired the best teaching and learning materials ensuring both teachers and students have all they need for effective studies. Our science laboratories have been equipped with the latest laboratory materials, ranging from Bunsen burners to flat bottomed flask and test tubes to mention a few. It also boasts of one of the biggest computer labs in the whole area. It can boast of about 50 computers with a handful of scanners and photocopy machines. Lest I forget, we do not use a blackboard but a white chalkboard and also whiteboard markers are readily available. Our classroom size does not exceed 20 in a classroom and our tables are state of the art. All these have contributed to making teachers and learning conducive and ” sweet”. Hardly will you encounter a student who misses because as it were, School is “sweeter” than home.

Last but not least, the method of teaching by teachers is one reason has led to our school’s academic excellence. Our school has developed a system of teaching which I can boldly say is unrivalled by none. Teachers teach in a group work where students are organised into groups and given assignments. They are taught to learn from each other and also complement each other’s weaknesses. Student’s are not graded position basis and so it removes enmity and unnecessary competition among students. Student’s inputs are actively sought in the cause of teaching. Weak students are also given much attention and so no student performs poor in the examination. Students are also not spanked and thus, they are not afraid to voice their opinion. Students who more misbehave are dealt with appropriately without the need to spank. The teaching and learning atmosphere is very serene hence creating a good learning environment.

In a nutshell, these and more are the reasons why my school has excelled academically over the years. Hoping to hear from you soon, till then, stay safe and study hard!

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Many thanks for this sample letter. I am an English teacher preparing students to write WASSCE comes in 2020. I am surely going to share this with my students in Liberia.


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