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A candidate is expected to write at least 450 words!
Below is an example of WASSCE informal letter


Golden Mission School,
P. O. Box 19331 AN,

Hey buddy,

What’s up? It’s been long since you uploaded your fine American hood pics on Instagram, and even took some time out to WhatsApp or email. Same with me here. What’s cooking? Hope it’s something delicious. Guess what? I have been busy, bro. With what? You remember those days when I used to lament the indifference on the part of my school’s administration shown towards sports? When I had my sports wardrobe locked up for almost a ‘century’? When the only time I got a chance to kick a ball was during vacation? Well, the content of this letter may not be far from what you are thinking. Yeah, all is changed now. The somewhat anti-sports headmaster has finally been baptized, and the improvements he has initiated towards sports are damn stupendous. Below, I outline some of the amazing improvements among the vast list.

Before that, I said I was busy, right? Here is why: I’m in charge of the renovation panel that has been tasked with completing the improvements. Come on, who else will be in charge if not me? You know everywhere I go, the sports atmosphere just kind of spreads around me. Yup! The first thing the headmaster focused on was outsourcing sports materials since the ones in our school are in a bad shape and almost look like garbage. So, the balls, nets, poles, tennis bats and other sports paraphernalia have been replaced with gorgeous ones.

Secondly, the deplorable conditions of the football pitch and your favorite-the basketball court have been reversed. The refurbishment took virtually half a year due to the extreme deterioration compounded over the years it remained dormant. The potholes, variegated grass, crooked poles and invisible touchlines have been fixed, and the whole place looks fit for hosting an El Classico tournament. When you step down one of these days, I’m considering a rematch of the soccer game I lost against your puny, lucky team the previous year. Better get ready for some horrible trashing from my team.

Finally, all these wouldn’t be satisfying without actually testing our feet and hands on them. I mean smashing on the tennis table, kicking the footballs on the pitch, dunking the basketballs into the rings et al. Therefore, the headmaster has set aside Fridays as a day to enjoy these sports stuff. So, on Friday afternoons, classes are halted to begin inter school, and sometimes inter-school games. This has made school a whole lot funnier than before.

Among the major improvements (and still counting) include the ones I have highlighted above. Who knows, maybe we will have a golf pitch soon, lol. Hey, don’t you dare forget to reply; you know the consequences. I’m off on an errand to fix some stuff. Hope to hear from you soon enough.

Yours friend,
Prince Ofori.

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I’m a highly motivated individual with a strong affinity for self-development and a rigid attachment to a growth mindset. Genuinely enthusiastic about empowering myself and others to magnify our potentials, I find myself always on the lookout for amazing ways to do things differently and pushing myself to be extraordinary in the domains that pique my interest.

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Literature, designing, and computer programming fill the vertices of my life’s triangle.

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  1. I found the write up very interesting. Thank you. I think I have nto be more creative and feel more motivated now to think outside the box.


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