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The School Hero is an award meant for the student considered to have exhibited exemplary leadership qualities. As the Senior Prefect, write a letter to the head of your school giving three reasons why your nominee should be given the award.
(WASSCE 2015 school)

You are expected to write at least 450 words!
You are advised to spend about 50 minutes to complete your essay.

Below is an example of WASSCE formal letter


Nandom Senior High School,
Post Office Box 121,
15th June 2008.

The Headmaster,
Nandom Senior High School,
Post Office Box 121,

Dear Sir,


I consider myself lucky to be given the opportunity to justify why my nominee, Nana Akua Agyeiwaa Appiah, deserves to be given the School Hero Award. This award is given to distinguished leaders in the school throughout an academic year and I confidently say that my nominee stands out as the clear candidate for this prestigious award. The reasons for my stance are as follows.

To commence, my nominee who is the current SRC president of our school stands for discipline. She is an example to every student in the school. Her disciplinary life gave her the opportunity to acquire her position. During the Student Representative Council awards, she emerged the most discipline student in the school. She has great ambition for the school and I am very sure that before her tenure of office will end she is going to ensure that there is a total discipline in the school. Many students and teachers like her very well. She is always punctual to school gatherings. Most students have emulated her way of life. She really deserves the award.

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Furthermore, my nominee is hardworking. Even though she is not the compound prefect she ensures that all students do their work on time in order not to delay morning class. She has created various clubs such as National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) club, Red Cross, Science and Maths club and Girl child society which has really helped a lot of students. She organises clean up exercises every week to ensure that the school is always neat.

Last but not least, my nominee is a team player, she does not do things on her own. Anytime she wants to embark on an exercise, she calls her fellow executives and the prefects including me to explain her intentions to us. If she brings it out and it is well with us and it is in the best interest of our dear school, we give her the go-ahead to discharge her duty. Even though I am the school prefect, most disputes which arise amongst the students are settled by her. She is very fair in her judgement and she treats everybody equally. She is a councillor to the student body.

I, therefore, come to the conclusion that if there is anybody who deserves this prestigious award, we need not look any further but to declare the SRC president as the winner of the Hero Award.

Yours faithfully,
Saifullahi Ahmed.

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