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The rate of power outage in your locality has become alarming. Write a letter to the area manager of the electricity company complaining about the effects of this problem and asking him to come to your aid. (WASSCE 2014 private)

You are expected to write at least 450 words!
You are advised to spend about 50 minutes to complete your essay.

Below is an example of WASSCE formal letter


Hamdaniyya Islamic SHS,
P.O.Box GP 14002,
Accra – Central.
30th March, 2019.

The Area Manager (ECG),
Alajo circuit.
P.O.Box 1300,
Alajo – Accra.

Dear Sir,


As a resident of Alajo and a patriotic citizen of our dear country, I would like to draw your attention to the rate of power outages which have now been termed as ‘Dumsor’ in our local dialects and the toll it has taken on our locality. To be honest and I know you will agree with that the rate or frequency at which power goes off in the locality is alarming and has caused a decline in the academic performance of students in the locality. It has also resulted in increased theft and armed robbery cases and last but not least, discomfort in our homes.

Students from the primary level to the secondary level in the Alajo district are well noted for their good academic work output during interschool quizzes and examinations in their various schools. We all attest to the fact that about forty per cent of the best students in the municipality in the past five consecutive years is from Alajo. The results of the recent Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) written has shown that there has been a noticeable decline in the academic standards of students in Alajo. Upon interrogating some of the students on what could possibly be the problem, it has been concluded that these students could not study enough as they used to do due to lack of power in their homes for research purposes and night studies.

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Also, the said plight has resulted in the increase of theft and armed robbery cases causing a lot of residents to lose their hard earned money and properties. Alajo has now been transmogrified into a den of thieves who attack people and do away with their electronic devices during the dark hours. At night, armed robbers armed with machetes and other ammunitions break into homes in darkness, murdering and raiding. The whole Alajo community now lives in fear. Light bulbs and street lights on our street are now useless in the locality as a result of the power outages. Light increases visibility and will drastically reduce the rate of theft cases.

As mentioned earlier in the introductory paragraph, the absence of power due to the outages has rendered is uncomfortable in our homes. The unbearable heat in such an overcrowded urban area with high buildings is unbearable. Entertainment is no longer part of our lives in Alajo and it has made the residents depressed. Television sets, radios and other electronic devices are now useless in our homes due to the lack of power.

The complaints of residents are more than what I have penned to you. As the Area Manager, kindly come to our aid to rescue the fallen academic standard of the students in the community, curb the rate at which lives and properties are lost and bring back the comfort we need to have in our homes. We look forward to experiencing a significant change in the rate at which power is taken in the locality.

Yours faithfully,
Abubakar Musah.

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About Abdul Mannan Yusif

The author, Abdul Mannan Yusif, holds Master of Arts (African Studies) and First Class Honors in Bachelor of Arts (Study of Religions) from Islamic University College and University of Ghana, Legon. He studied Arabic at Hamdaniyyah Islamic School and holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from National Nursery Teachers’ Training Centre Accra.
Currently, the author is the headmaster of Hamdaniyyah Islamic Senior High School and teaches Islamic Studies following years of experience of teaching the discipline at Top Accountancy School and other remedial schools respectively. The author was the vice president of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA) and the organizing secretary of the Religious Students Association both at Islamic University College Ghana.
The author’s many years of teaching Islamic Studies has convinced him that a combination of careful discussion and comprehensive presentation of the discipline will enhance the students understanding and appreciation of the historical development of Islam.

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