We all possess a certain characteristic unique to our learning habits that best suits us. Some prefer to learn in open spaces while others would cringe in similar conditions, finding it rather comfortable in private spaces. Others would also like to complement theirs with some soothing music. Nevertheless, of all other learning supplements there are, one should not undermine the benefits of being part of a study group. It might sound counterintuitive to those who are addicted to solo learning. A study group would be of immense benefit if one wishes to gain upper hand in learning. Anyway, it doesn’t imply your study group should be meeting all the time for collective learning. It could be as minimum as meeting only during the latter part of the day. Here are some reasons to encourage you to form a study group.

Gives you the chance to share what you’ve learned

Doing so further consolidates its place in memory. It also helps you to understand what you’ve learned, because, knowing you would share with others compels you to make efforts in understanding the content better.

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An avenue to seek help

A problem shared is a problem solved. When you get stuck on some tricky math assignment, you know you have an army of titans to help you vanquish it. In the process, it fills up your knowledge gap and eliminates doubt regarding your proposed solutions. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about completing your assignments and research all alone.

Speeds up your learning

The mild pressure exerted by your study group in the form of deadlines speeds up learning. For example, if by the end of the week, all members are required to submit a summary on a certain topic for collective review, it would encourage everyone to avoid procrastinating. If you’re learning solo all the time, you would definitely delay executing some tasks.

Enhances some core skills typical of high achievers

Public speaking and presentation are essential skills everyone needs to have as part of his or her repertoire. Once you join a study group, the series of activities automatically employ these skills. You will definitely have to lead your members through a certain topic or stand before them to share some ideas. One common attribute of a typical study group is discussions. You get to enhance your critical thinking prowess via all these perks.

I am pretty sure you are convinced enough. The next article will elaborate on how to successfully form the best study group. Be ready for it.

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