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WASSCE Simultaneous Equations is one of the topics in WASSCE mathematics syllabus. The followings are WASSCE past questions and solutions on Simultaneous Equations. Candidates are advised to try each question by themselves before viewing solution. Frequent practice guarantees success in exams.

WASSCE 2016 school candidates.

Three times the age of Felicia is four more than the age of Asare. In three years, the sum of their ages will be 30 years. find their present age.

WASSCE 2015 private candidates.

A trader bought some bags of rice and some bags of beans for sale in his shop. Each bag of rice cost ₦2,250.00 while each bag of beans cost ₦2,400.00. If the trader bought 17 bags altogether and paid ₦39,600.00, how many bags of beans did he buy?

WASSCE 2014 private candidates.

In a class of 52 students, 16 are science students. if \(\frac{1}{3}\) of the boys and \(\frac{1}{4}\) of the girls are science students, how many boys are in the class?

WASSCE 2014 school candidates.

Solve the simultaneous equations: \(\frac{1}{x}+\frac{1}{y}=5,\) \(\frac{1}{y}-\frac{1}{x}=1.\)

WASSCE 2013 private candidates.

A train fare for a school child is half the fare of a teacher. the total fare for 120 children and 15 teachers for an excursion is  GH₵180.00.
i.  Find the fare for a child.
ii. How many children will go on the excursion with 20 teachers for a total fare of GH₵240.00.


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