This syllabus was evolved from the teaching syllabus for the Senior High School Integrated Science issued by the Ghana Education Service in September, 2010.

Integrated Science seeks to equip the individual with the integrated body of scientific knowledge and raise the level of scientific literacy of the individuals with comprehensive scientific skills that enable them to function in the present technological era. Education in science also provides opportunity for the development of positive attitudes and values.



This syllabus seeks to among other things, enable students to:

  1. acquire the skill to solve basic problems within their immediate environment through analysis and experimentation;
  2. keep a proper balance of the diversity of the living and non-living things based on their interconnectedness and repeated patterns of change;
  3. adopt sustainable habits for managing the natural environment for humankind and society;
  4. use appliances and gadgets effectively with clear understanding of their basic operations and underlying principles.
  5. explore, conserve and optimise the use of energy as an important resource for the living world;
  6. adopt a scientific way of life based on pragmatic observation and investigation of
  7. search for solutions to problems of life recognizing the interaction of science, technology and other disciplines.



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