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WASSCE Indices is one of the topics in WASSCE mathematics syllabus. The followings are WASSCE past questions and solutions on Indices. Candidates are advised to try each question by themselves before viewing solution. Frequent practice guarantees success in exams.

WASSCE 2013 private candidates.

If \(2^{x+2}\times8^x=1,\) find the value of \(x.\)

WASSCE 2010 private candidates.

Simplify \(\sqrt{\Big(\frac{x^3y^5}{xy^7}\Big)},\) where \(x>0\) and \(y>0.\)


WASSCE 2009 school candidates.

Solve the equation \(\frac{64^n\times2}{16^{1-n}}=4^{2n}.\)



WASSCE 2006 school candidates.

Solve the equation \(4^{2-x}\times16^{x+1}=64.\)

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