WASSCE Article Writing For Publication

An article is a piece of writing on a particular subject that is published in a newspaper or magazine, or on the net. The language of an article should be formal!

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The followings are the necessary features of an article for publication

Title or heading
Article Writing For Publication should start by writing the title/heading in “CAPITAL LETTERS’.

Introduction or first paragraph
The first paragraph is an introduction which comes after the capitalized “Title”.
This is the introduction of the general idea of what the reader should expect in the article.

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The body is the additional paragraphs after the first paragraph.
This is the detail explanation of the topic. Three or four paragraphs is alright.
Define each of your points in each paragraph in details
Paragraphs must be well linked with appropriate linking expressions e.g. however, in addition, moreover etc.
Short sentences are easier to understand, thus preferable.

Conclusion or last paragraph
the last paragraph is the conclusion of the article. Summarise the points provided in the article and suggest a solution or advice according to the nature of the question, in just one paragraph.

Writer’s name and location
write your full name, address and location. See example below:

Abena Nyako,
P.O.Box 440.

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