This examination sets out to test the different basic skills of communicating in English using the mediums of speech and writing. The examination will test the receptive and productive abilities of candidates. These abilities will be demonstrated in the following forms: reading, comprehension, summary, vocabulary, lexis and structure, listening comprehension and recognition of different aspects of spoken English.


The objective of the syllabus is to measure the extent to which the aims of the teaching syllabuses of member countries have been realized in candidates’ secondary school career. The examination sets out to examine candidates’ ability to:

  1. use correct English;
  2. write about incidents in English that are appropriate to specified audiences and situations;
  3. organize material in paragraphs that are chronologically, spatially and logically coherent;
  4. control sentence structures accurately;
  5. exhibit variety in the use of sentence patterns;
  6. comply with the rules of grammar;
  7. spell and punctuate correctly;
  8. comprehend written and spoken English;
  9. recognize implied meaning, tones and attitudes;
  10. use an acceptable pronunciation that can be comprehended by others;
  11. recognize the physical characteristics of English sounds and the letters that represent them.
  12. pick out and summarize relevant information from set passages.

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