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English essay writing fetches the highest mark in WASSCE English language. Therefore essay writing is a No Escape zone if you really want a good grade in your English language paper. But never get scared, this very article will help ease your tension.

The rubric used by examiners when marking WASSCE English language essays are the Content, the Organization, the Expression and the Mechanical Accuracy.

The length of your essay should be more than 450 words

In WASSCE English language essay, 50 marks are allotted to the rubric mentioned above as follows:

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The content has a share of 10 marks. Content determines whether the ideas in the essay are relevant to the topic— its exactness and relation to the central theme and its development. Enough handling of the subject matter is crucial and there must be some originality. A replication of knowledge from another subject not original to the writer will lead to mark reduction. The first thing to make sure you note down is your understanding of the question and its requirements. This will go a long way to guide you pour out the best idea into the essay.


The organization also has 10 marks. It involves correct implementation of paragraphing, arrangement of ideas and emphasis. Paragraphs are required to be chronological and logically linked. The body of your essay is recommended to have at least three paragraphs. This conveys the impression of a well deliberated and sufficient essay. Examiners often look for a good and relevant introduction, links between paragraphs and a suitable conclusion.


Expression holds the highest, 20 marks. The diction used in your essay should be generic and reflective of the composition format. For example, diction used in formal letter is expected to be obviously meticulous while diction employed in informal letters could be casual. Incomplete sentences are penalized; be on the lookout for them. Imaginative use of figurative language is permissible.


Mechanical Accuracy takes 10 marks. It deals with grammar, punctuation capitalisation and spelling rules to be in compliance with. When errors are discovered by examiners, a ½ mark is deducted for each, up to a maximum of 20 mistakes which will result in minus 10marks. Candidates are advised to be prudent and appropriately punctuate their essays.

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