Social Studies is a study of the contemporary problems of the society. The subject prepares the individual to into society by equipping him/her with knowledge about the culture or ways of life of their society, its problems, its values and its hopes for the future. The subject is multi-disciplinary and takes its source from many subjects, e.g.Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Civic Education. Essential elements of the knowledge and principles from these disciplines are integrated into a subject that stands on its own.


The examination syllabus is aimed at testing candidates’

  1. understanding of the components of positive attitudes and values towards
    individual and societal issues
  2. knowledge of the components of society and their role
  3. understanding of the democratic values and how they foster national unity
  4. understanding of the importance of the institution of marriage and family and
    their importance to society
  5. understanding of positive self-concept for the development of the individual,
    good inter-personal relationships and social harmony
  6. awareness of socializing agencies and their roles in forging national unity
  7. understanding of physical and social environment and the need to preserve them
  8. awareness of socio-economic problems in Ghana and how to solve them for
    sustainable development
  9. ability to cope with the problems of social change.

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