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Education has been touted as the key to success, and this is rightly so because it is the foundation without which every society will fail. This as a result has made it imperative for every serious nation to ensure its citizens take education with great enthusiasm; however our universities are churning out so many graduates without access to jobs, that is casting a dark shadow over the importance of education.

The educational system in Ghana is so theory driven and this has created the situation where graduates leave school with little or no firsthand working experience of their occupation. This issue has been raised time and again but the people at the top hierarchy are sadly doing nothing to help curb it. The working environment is much more than what’s read in books so it’s high time the Ghana Education Service (GES) took note of this and fix the curriculum. Providing frequent workshops is a head start and this, I believe, could go a long way to providing the needed skills employers require. The situation where graduates leave school and are asked for years of experience before being employed would be a thing of the past if students gain working experience while in school.

Entrepreneurship should be a core subject from basic school to tertiary. Ghana should take the lead in this initiative and it could transform the whole country years to come. Youth equipped with entrepreneurial skills would not only create jobs but would also help transform our economy.
Developed Countries thrived because their youth took entrepreneurship seriously and teaching it in schools is a head start towards making sure graduates leave school and create instead of seek jobs. We are all culpable if we don’t join hands and fight this menace. Thank you all. God bless Ghana, God bless Africa.

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