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Success is a GOLDEN subject that is missing in education. Every student on the face of the earth fight, struggle, and toil aiming towards success. Success is the ultimate achievement in all endeavours. Not only wealth which depicts us with that name, but achieving all set goals or aims or objectives is a success.
The most important point of success is to overcome and control your usual you. Many live a life they hate yet finds it difficult to break the chain. If you want to achieve your dream no matter how dumb teachers, friends and relatives call you, no matter how drowned you are in a situation, and you really want to cross that line of who you are now, to who or where to be, then continue reading.

It is really interesting to finally find your self where you want.
Many of us want to achieve GREAT but want to do LITTLE. If you are that kind this is not for you. They stay where they are and want to appear there flourishing. The three principles I am about to mention will guide anyone towards his goal in life. As the saying goes ” life is not about Identifying yourself but creating yourself”. These principles are GOLDEN and they require enough time to answer them.

1. Your Definite Purpose or Goal.( What do you want?)
2. The Burning Desire. (Do you really want it ?) or (are you ready to die for it?)
3. A Definite Plan. (Go get it!).

All humans are unique by nature. Even identical twins have different likes and dislikes. We as humans have different definite purpose or goal in life base on our likes and dislikes, behaviours and characteristics, nature(biologically) and nurture(society influence), passion, a strong feeling or emotion.
I do ask “passion and love which is stronger?”
Some equalise passion with their definite purpose or goal. Some also vision, ambition and others pushed by nature to define theirs. Whatever yours might be, you just need to state it clearly. Don’t write down something like “I want to become a doctor”, rather define the kind of person you want to be. If it is a doctor what kind? A doctor who deals with operations, ears, teeth, brain surgeon, heart or whatever, just clearly specify it. Also, don’t use words like “I want” but rather “I am”.

Clearly defining your purpose will send a signal to your mind it will produce a mental picture of who you want to be. Clearly defining it will give you a brief overview of what you want, this will trigger you to go in for more information. One major issue of defining your major purpose in life is, it is a commitment you are making to yourself like a bond, a promise and not a wish. So it should be written BOLDLY. This will enable you to visualize it in your mind. I do say, although we all live in this world yet we all have our own personal worlds. A thief will see the world full of rich-men with opportunities to steal from them. A business minded person will see the world full of business opportunities and feel enthusiastic to reach them. This applies to teachers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, and so on. It is in every career.
So All that I am encouraging you to do is Clearly Define your Purpose or Goals in life.

This is what drives a scientist to go looking into a hypothesis. It also pushes an entrepreneur to go into business for years without profit, until he makes it. This is what makes a person say something like “I am going to make it even if you believe me or not”, “it is possible, believe it or not”. An example is the Wright brothers that invented the aeroplane. Have you ever asked your self that “am I really going to die for this dream ?” With this question, you hear that small voice inside of you whispering. It is that voice that tells you the truth about what you are saying. You may have been in a crowd when you said it, after that go back to yourself and listen to that small voice within you. You might be with no burning desire, but since you are able to answer the above questions right to your self, you are halfway through.

You will need information about your desired goal or purpose. If it is riches you want, career, political ambition, business, go search for what it entails to get that. Then you can decide to go in because you know what it involves. A wise man once said, “failure is when you have time to look at it because they are stepping stones to your goal”. As said by Zig Ziglar “what you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal”.

The moment you begin to go get your dream, others will want you to be at where you are with them; they are not enemies, it is part of the process. Others will complain about the economy and the circumstances around, listen to them and use that as a weapon by finding the solutions to them. Because problems are not meant to break a man but to make a man. As said by Zig Ziglar ” there’s not a lot you can do about the national economy, but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy”.

At this point, you see the bigger picture of who you want to be or what you want And How to Get it. Now let’s move on to the third point.

Going to get what you want involves a firm decision. This also requires a firm thought. I call it “the go get it-decision”.
Some require almost a year to decide to make the first step. Others will seek advice from a whole bunch of wise men, some their teachers, families and relatives. It is actually good to seek advice, but don’t let them decide for you. Else you will never be able to be a man of your own. A real man is made up of his choices. As a wise man said, “Gentility without ability is stupidity”. The moment you make this decision, and the small voice within you accepts it you are ready to go. Sometimes the heart might be in fear, keep moving, and you will find what frightens you and you are going to crash it.

You will be in need of a plan . A plan is like a bridge, bridging both of you together. A plan must be clearly stated without ambiguity. No jargons should be used. It should be as clear as writing a detail description to a layman.
I normally recommend people to write down their plans late at night or as early in the morning. Writing it down clearly awakes all the nerves in you like a wild beast looking for its prey to feed on. A plan written is a plan remembered, and a plan not written is a plan forgotten. We as humans come in contact with information day-in-day-out; some convincing and others passionately touching. A plan not written is like a flock without a shepherd and can be ambushed by these predators. When writing a plan, some will seem fearful especially when you are making so many demands from your usual you. Some might seem illogical. Don’t try to make everything logical. Somethings defies logic. Always remember “Never cut down your spirit to meet your dreams, but rather grow your spirit to meet your dreams”. By Robert Kiyosaki.

A well-written plan is always precise. It depicts what Is to be done day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month so that an objective is completed within a year. With this, a person is able to track his progress. The moment you make the first step, obstacles are going to come to test your bravery and courage. Prepare the table down for them, keep expecting them, and when they come, have dinner with them, and go knock them down as early in the morning.

I will like you write down five(5) reasons why you must achieve your success. Keep it under your pillow, read it day and night until it sinks in into your subconscious mind. Until you see it in every part of your surrounding. Start now and excuse not your self. Be hard on yourself and the world will be soft on you.

A well-written plan will help you get what you want, but the addition of a well sincere spoken prayer will serve as a catalyst to speed up the process and eradicate all obstacles. I hope and pray you achieve your success in life. Amen!

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