WASSCE June/July 2016
Your friend is surprised that after the Senior School Certificate Examination you decided to learn a trade while waiting for admission to the university. Write a letter to him/her explaining the advantages of acquiring a skill in addition to a university degree.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2015
Your brother who has just entered boarding school has written a letter to you complaining about the difficulty he has adjusting to life there. Write a reply, advising and encouraging him.

WASSCE June/July 2015
Write a letter to your friend in another school giving him/her three reasons why your school has been excelling in academic work.

WASSCE Nov/dec 2014
Your uncle has asked you to tell him about your educational ambition so that he may assist you. Write a letter to him thanking him and giving details of your plans.

WASSCE June/July 2014
A friend of yours who has been living in Europe for some years has written to invite you to join him. Write a reply to his letter giving, at least, three reasons why you would rather remain in your country.

WASSCE June/July 2013
Your sick grandmother has been admitted to hospital. Write a letter to your brother describing the state of her health when you visited her.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2012
Your uncle who has been living abroad for the past twenty years suddenly arrived home for Christmas. Write a letter to your friend, telling him/her how much your uncle’s visit made your Christmas enjoyable.

WASSCE June/July 2012
Write a letter to your friend in another school recounting the experience you went through when you visited the city for the first time.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2011
Write a letter to your friend in another school expressing your views on the causes of disturbances during inter-school sports and games and what should be done to avoid future occurrences.

WASSCE June/July 2011
A friend is attending school in a different part of your country. Write a letter to your friend about three things, which have made your school famous.

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WASSCE Nov/Dec 2010
Your friend intends to transfer to your school. Write a letter to him telling him about the facilities in your school, which help students to achieve their goals.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2009
Write a letter to your friend who is coming to live in your area informing him about the advantages of living there and the risks he is likely to encounter.

WASSCE June/July 2009
You recently participated in a local festival. Write a letter to your pen pal describing the exciting experiences which you had during the festival.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2008
Write a letter to your brother abroad describing at least, three memorable events that took place during your country’s 50th Independence anniversary celebration.

WASSCE June/July 2008
Your parents have relocated to another town. Write a letter to your friend describing the attractions of the new place.

WASSCE Nov/Dec 2007
Two of your brothers had a bitter quarrel just before you left home for the boarding school. Write a letter to your father pointing out where both were at fault and request him to intervene.

WASSCE June/July 2007
Write a letter to a friend abroad describing what your headmaster has done to improve sports in your school.

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