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WASSCE school 2018
As the senior prefect of your school, write a letter to the chairman of the parent-teacher association (PTA) pointing out the need for a computer laboratory and requesting the association to build and equip one for the school.

WASSCE private 2017
Write a letter to the minister of youth and sports in your country complaining about government’s concentration on football to the detriment of other sports. Discuss three reasons why you think government should now focus on other sports.

WASSCE school 2017
Write a letter to the district chief executive thanking him for the construction of new roads and telling him of at least three ways in which the community will benefit from it.

WASSCE private 2016
Write a letter to the director of health services in your district discussing at least three ways in which the quality of healthcare in your community can be improved.

WASSCE School 2016
The performance of candidates in English Language in public examinations has been very poor. Write a letter to the Minister of Education in your country stating the causes of the poor performance and suggesting some measures to improve the situation.

WASSCE Private 2015
As the president of your youth club, write a letter to your District Chief Executive requesting for two basic amenities and stating why they are urgently required.

WASSCE School 2015
The School Hero is an award meant for the student considered to have exhibited exemplary leadership qualities. As the Senior Prefect, write a letter to the head of your school, giving three reasons why your nominee should be given the award.

WASSCE Private 2014
The rate of power outage in your locality has become alarming. Write a letter to the area manager of the electricity company complaining about the effects of this problem and asking him to come to your aid.

WASSCE School 2014
Write a letter to the Minister of Education in your country, discussing at least three ways by which the quality of education could be improved.

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WASSCE Private 2013
You have noticed some malpractices among candidates in the school certificate examinations. As a concerned citizen, write a letter to the Deputy Registrar, West African Examinations Council, pointing out such malpractices and suggesting ways of checking them.

WASSCE Private 2012
As a youth leader in your community write a letter to the Minister of Youth Affairs identifying, with reasons, three areas where you think the government should concentrate efforts to bring about rapid development to the country.

WASSCE School 2012
Write a letter to the Ministry of Education suggesting three ways of making public secondary schools in deprived communities more attractive to students.

WASSCE Private 2011
People have been abusing the environment through indiscriminate dumping of refuse. Write a letter to the Minister of Health giving at least, three reasons why you think the environment should be protected.

WASSCE Private 2010
As the sports prefect of your school, write a letter to the Chairman of your school’s Board of Governors, giving at least three reasons why you think games and sports should be given more encouragement in school.

WASSCE Private 2009
The National Commission for Civic Education hopes to make people aware of their responsibilities as good citizens of the country. Write a letter to the Chairman expressing your views on what should be done to achieve this noble objective.

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WASSCE School 2009
In recent times, there have been protests over poor conditions of service for workers. Write a letter to the Minister of Employment identifying three areas where you think the government should make efforts to bring more prosperity to workers.

WASSCE School 2008
As the Senior Prefect, write a letter to your headmaster discussing at least, three reasons why discipline has broken down in the school and suggest ways of solving the problem.

WASSCE School 2007
Your school has not been performing well of late in external examinations. Write to your headmaster, giving at least three reasons for this poor performance, and suggesting remedies.

WASSCE Private 2006
As the Senior Prefect of your school, you have been accused of having incited your colleagues to riot. Write to the Chairman of the Board of Governors explaining your side of the issue.

WASSCE School 2006
You have observed some malpractices in your school_ that you think should be discouraged. Write a letter to the Headmaster or Headmistress, discussing at least three of these evil practices and suggest how they can be checked.

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