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Like a cyclone, the paradox of the present world continually cycles, drawing in any unsuspecting inhabitant. It seems to be infused with the concealing effect of a smoke screen to deliberately deflect attention against its evil rampage. With social media as the focal point of the technological revolution, there exists a stereotypical perception that a portal has been created to release stress and to take time off the real world. Unfortunately, many have fallen prey to this allusion and others, to extreme ends display all forms of misdemeanor, perhaps a direct result of being carried away by the overwhelming emotion of their virtual escapades. This has resulted in a piled heap of garbage and foul content, which somewhat denies valuable content of publicity. Sharing of erotic content, trolling delicate issues, flirting among others, travel as far as eroding the core foundations of moral behavior among people.

On the alternate side of the coin, the vast stream of opportunities encoded in the fabric of this “virtual world” remains exposed to just an appalling percentage of users. Leveraging its hidden asset is merely a tertiary option. Existing among educational settings, a new tide arose where sharing of documents and disseminating useful information seized the breeze. In other dimensions, building a positive brand came along in line and for information-hungry individuals, updating one’s self with global issues and facts came in handy. Showcasing one’s artistic talents online and broadcasting businesses have been the usual routine in the entrepreneurial setting. For an accelerated access to an audience, most websites have links to social media, feeding discerning users with important content. This could as well be a daily pipeline, especially for students to imbibe more knowledge and broaden their intellectual boundaries. Students seem to be affected by the effects of social media. It drains their time, splits their focus and kicks out priorities out of their minds.

Comparing the polar sides of the situation reveals a sad and abysmal prediction, in which the majority is blindly led into a trench. Like so, the paradox shall continually rob us of our core morals. Nevertheless, Social media, if optimized, could yield phenomenal outcomes and of course that exclusively depends on how well you adjust the sails of your search. Next time you find yourself frantically scrolling through your news feed or chat list, recall that your outcomes are predetermined, either a productive journey or a futile dopamine-driven feedback loop. So, do well to tweak your options lest you become completely oblivious of how much of your intellectual independence is being drained away.

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