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Before reading this sequel, pause and read How To Be An Exceptional Student: Part 1 If you’ve already done so, here we go:

Learn from your peers

Juxtaposing your point of view with a colleague’s adds more icing to your cake of knowledge. You might think you’ve fully grasped the nitty-gritty of a concept until you realize where you fall short after lending a listening ear to a friend’s point of view. That variety of viewpoints goes a long way to consolidate your comprehension of the given subject.

Go at your own pace

Sometimes you feel compelled to level up quickly with what everyone else seems to be stressing on. Whiles this could accelerate your progress, it has its own cons. Doing that would most likely present you with superficial knowledge. Do well to arrange an in-depth study on current subjects before plunging into subsequent ones.

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Identify and Capitalize on your learning style

Visual? Kinesthetic? Auditory—it is imperative to understand the operations of your cognitive abilities, when and where you feel at your best etc. Knowing these details is essential for maximum performance and moreover, help you deliberate on the best strategies and tricks to apply when learning. That way, you are confident of getting the better of harmful learning quirks.

Extra hours

It is simple—the longer you spend doing something, the more you get adept at it. But you should also include your limits into the equations to avoid the situation where extra hours do no more than waste your time. You should be able to determine how many extra hours could be accommodated by your stamina.


Finally, to have full control over your progress, you need to be consistent with your practices. Without it, your progress will morph into a pathetic sinusoidal ride with lackluster performance and average. I think the worst tag you can place on yourself is ‘the guy who went far enough only to end up being average’.

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