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These tips were a reply b Eric to a friend who asked about how to pass exams with good grades. I feel like sharing it with the BECE candidates who are to sit for the forthcoming exams. below is the reply By  Eric:


First of all, try as possible to organize your self and be disciplined. From this moment stop thinking of Apor or whatever, just believe in yourself be confident and ready to face the hard situation! And of course you can do it, never accept defeat!

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Create your own timetable, schedule how you are going to study daily. Stick to your scheduled timetable (this is very important!).

At this moment you should spend much of your time on learning, because this is the last hour to mould your own future, and nobody will do that for you! Therefore kindly avoid excessive plays. Increase your seriousness at this moment!

Take the following tips seriously:
1) Learn at the last hour before going to bed and don’t think of anything when you are in bed except what you have just learnt (this will stick in your mind till day breaks)
2) After waking up early dawn, go through what you have learnt in the night.
Repeat the same with different subjects or topics daily (always prioritize your difficult subjects or topics)

Solve most of the BECE past questions.
Most of WAEC questions are either the same or very similar to their past questions.
Learning BECE past questions will actually expose your weakness so that you can improve on it.
Always learn those subjects or topics that you consider difficult prior to the easy ones.
Practise, practise and practise more past questions!!!

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Please take the following advice too!
1. Have a copy of BECE Timetable with you, be aware of the date and time that you will be taking your exams.
2. Go around and search for all your examination centres before the exam day!
3. On the day of exams, arrive very early at least 2hours before the exam starts so that you can briefly go through your textbook for warming up.
4. When the exam starts, carefully read the question before you answer them.

But remember you have a limited amount of time to complete your exams so take note.
Focus on your paper and avoid all sort of exam malpractices.

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I wish you all the best of luck!


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