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As the senior prefect of your school, write a letter to the chairman of the parent-teacher association (PTA) pointing out the need for a computer laboratory and requesting the association to build and equip one for the school.
(WASSCE 2018 school)

You are expected to write at least 450 words!
You are advised to spend about 50 minutes to complete your essay.

Below is an example of WASSCE formal letter


Hamdaniya Islamic SHS,
P.O.Box AC, 233,
29th March, 2019

The District Chief Executive,
P.O.Box KIA 9200,

Dear Sir,


As the senior prefect of the school, I am writing this letter on behalf of all the students to request for a computer laboratory in my school.

First of all, the reason why we are requesting for a computer laboratory is that the internet has now become an integral part of every individual’s life.
Our homes have been bolstered by the internet industry in the last few decades and social relationship have revolutionalized in its wake, so it is no surprise that the use of the internet, even in schools has increased at a rapid rate.
I.C.T or information and communication technology has given wings to scholars, educationist and allied staff in a multitude of ways. The software in schools has empowered them to uplift their communities through the use of technology-related activities in the world of education. Internet tools like Email, social networks, newsgroups and video transmission have connected the world like never before. Student can now be communicated using emails and social networking groups that provide knowledge-based information. Distance learning, online learning is also enabled through the internet. Student can learn online and also that talk to experts online. Notes, reading materials, assignment can be received by students from anywhere. the internet provides major information in text, audio-video and graphs which can be accessed by the pupils. Online learning allows students to interact with students.

Secondly, there is a need for I.C.T laboratory in the school because in today’s world smart technology is the familiar technology that is widely used in every being’s life. Smartphones, tablets, smart television etc. are the products of smart technology that have made human life smarter, easier and accessible. The information and communication to be precise has become a drawing force behind economic growth and development.
Information technology has been influencing our lives in recent years in the field of education, healthcare and business. Going an extra mile, information technology in schools has had a major impact. Information and communication technology in schools can be used as a school communication tool to improve student’s learning and better teaching techniques. With the advancements of technology in education, schools can adopt communication software to transmit, store, share or exchange information.
In this technological era, I.C.T in education has compelled many schools to get accustomed to smart technology. This schools communication software uses computers, the internet and multimedia as the medium of communication.

Lastly, there is a need for a computer laboratory in the school, because of the computer-based learning system being practised in school. Computer studies is one of the modules of school communication tool that helps students to enhance their learning skills through computer-aided education. It imparts computer knowledge in students and enables them to obtain large amounts of information from various websites. After two decades of introducing computer to schools, education has been revolutionalized ever then it reduces time spent on a mechanical task such as rewriting, producing graphs and increase the scope of research. It not only helps in finding information but also in organizing information making it easier to share with others.

In conclusion, the above points emphasize the need for a computer laboratory. And so we will be glad if the school can be equipped with one. Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Peter Jakes


About Abdul Mannan Yusif

The author, Abdul Mannan Yusif, holds Master of Arts (African Studies) and First Class Honors in Bachelor of Arts (Study of Religions) from Islamic University College and University of Ghana, Legon. He studied Arabic at Hamdaniyyah Islamic School and holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from National Nursery Teachers’ Training Centre Accra.
Currently, the author is the headmaster of Hamdaniyyah Islamic Senior High School and teaches Islamic Studies following years of experience of teaching the discipline at Top Accountancy School and other remedial schools respectively. The author was the vice president of the Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA) and the organizing secretary of the Religious Students Association both at Islamic University College Ghana.
The author’s many years of teaching Islamic Studies has convinced him that a combination of careful discussion and comprehensive presentation of the discipline will enhance the students understanding and appreciation of the historical development of Islam.

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