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As a youth leader in your community write a letter to the Minister of Youth Affairs identifying, with reasons, three areas where you think the government should concentrate efforts to bring about rapid development to the country.
(WASSCE 2012 private)

You are expected to write at least 450 words!
You are advised to spend about 50 minutes to complete your essay.

Below is an example of WASSCE formal letter


Ghana Senior High School
Post office Box 68
Tamale – Ghana
15 April, 2020

The Minister,
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
Post office Box 200
Ministries, Accra

Dear Sir,


Development is progressive such that a country cannot be said to be completely developed with no room for improvement. Even the highly developed first world countries still have work to do. In this light, it is prudent that as a developing country we seek ways and means of further developing our country. Governments all over the world have always had this challenge of developing their countries and economy of which Ghana is no different. I am writing this letter to you thus, to suggest three areas which when improved and given focus could spear rapid development in our country.

Agriculture has been touted as the backbone of the economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed even developed nations have a very improved agricultural sector. Over the years civil societies and think tanks have raised the question of improving the agricultural sector and I want to further elaborate on this issue. The use of mechanized farming techniques is one that we should embrace. The government should partner the various universities and tertiary institutions to undertake rigorous research into agriculture to suggest better ways of planting seeds, producing hybrid seeds and other techniques that can make the agricultural sector dynamic and very productive. Agricultural is one sector which when given rigorous support and attention could make our economy strong.

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Secondly, the government should invest heavily in the manufacturing sector. Producing agricultural products without adding value, any country loses lots of revenue. This is because primary products are determined at the world market which is largely influenced by wealthy nations who purchase these products. Ghana and other African nations have largely remained poor because of the poor manufacturing sector. The Government should partner NGOs and private forms to procure heavy types of machinery which are too expensive for the local manufacturer to buy. They should subsidize local manufacturing companies and Grant them tax holidays so they can be competitive. The importation of illegal second-hand goods should be banned to save small manufacturing companies and the entry of fake sub-standard goods. The economy will boom if our manufacturing sector thrives.

Lastly, the government should concentrate it’s effort more on science and technology. A country with no strong science and technology background is a country that is weak in many ways. Most of the technological tools used in the country are imported and this is bad for our economy. The government should encourage students to pursue careers in science and technology. They should provide scholarships for needy but brilliant students who pursue science-related programs. Universities that focus mainly on science and technology should be built and existing ones should be empowered. A country with a good technological background is one that will blossom and thrive in this day and age.

Ghana as a nation can be exceptional amongst African countries and important in the world if we strengthen these sectors and take them seriously.

Yours Faithfully,
Yussif Sani.

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